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• Why should I use Novoform™?
o Novoform™ is a replacement for traditional wooden forms used to create footer systems. Comparatively, Novoform™ will save you money, time and labor as it is prefabricated specifically for your project, lightweight and easy-to-install, and is permanent, eliminating all post-pour ripping, stripping and storage or disposal costs of wood.

• How does Novoform™ hold against the pressure of the concrete? Does it bow out or burst?
o Novoform™ doesn’t blowout. Your rebar chairs would break before the Novoform™ panels would! To prevent bowing, backfill is placed against the Novoform™ panels before the pour. Stakes and supportive beam bolsters can also be used for deeper footers, or when backfill is unavailable. For a detailed guide see our (link to Novoform Guides) installation guide.

• Is Novoform™ only for footers? Can Novoform™ be used above-ground or without backfill?
o Novoform™ is primarily used for footers, not for walls. We at Schauenburg Flexadux have been working with our customers to use Novoform™ in a variety of applications. Using stakes and beam bolsters, Novoform™ can save you money on your above-ground applications, too!

• What is the difference in the U-panels, the L-panels and the flat sheets?
o Novoform™ offers a variety of solutions to fit your project’s needs. Our project managers develop a formwork design to match the depth, length, and width of your project, while making it as easy to install as possible. The different panel types allow our team to be flexible and overcome any oddities or challenges your specific project may have.

• Does Novoform™ work as a vapor barrier?
o Novoform™ panels are perforated in order for you to monitor your curing process and ensure the strength of your concrete is unaffected. It is not a vapor barrier – water can easily pass through the Novoform™ panels.

• Does Novoform™ affect the curing process and strength of concrete?
o No, Novoform™ will not affect the strength or curing process of your concrete! Novoform™ panels are perforated, meaning moisture can easily pass through them. This allows the curing process to happen normally. By following our Best Practices Guide, you can ensure you concrete is strong and your pour goes smoothly.

• What happens if there is exposed or excess Novoform™ after the concrete is cured?
o Any exposed Novoform™ panels can be easily cut away, or simply buried with excess dirt.

• Is Novoform™ allowed by code officials in my area?
o Novoform™ has been certified by Intertek for all 50 states, including California and Florida. You can find all the certification information you need here (link to certifications) CCRR.

• Does Novoform™ contribute any LEED points or qualify for NET ZERO Energy Credit?
o Compared to wooden forms, Novoform™ creates significantly less waste. Because we are new to the American market, we are still in the process of applying for LEED and other green energy credit and recognition.

• How do I know how much Novoform™ I will need for my project?
o By sending us the structural plan of your project, our Novoform™ experts will design your Novoform™ footer using (link to 3d Modelling) Revit by Autodesk. This will allow you to see exactly how many pieces you need for your project in 3D. You can integrate the design into your own Revit projects, or use it to see exactly what you are buying and for how much.

• What is the typical timeframe from ordering until Novoform™ is on my jobsite?
o We at Schauenburg Flexadux know that time is money, especially in construction. We currently have two warehouses, one in Colorado and one in West Virginia, ready to deliver your Novoform™ footer directly to your site. While delivery time may change slightly depending on location, we strive to deliver all orders within 10 days of purchase.

• How quickly can Novoform™ be installed?
o While every project is different, one person can generally install ten 8-foot long sections every half hour. Compared to the time it takes to design, cut, and hammer in wooden forms, your install time can be reduced by up to 50%!

• What tools and training are needed to install Novoform™?
o The only tools required to install Novoform™ are bolt cutters, a permanent marker, a tape measure, pliers, and a knife. No power tools are required. We provide a job map and label all the Novoform™ pieces so that set up is simple. Each 8-foot-long panel weighs around 15 pounds, so they are easy to move around a jobsite – almost anyone can do it. To learn more about Novoform™ install, check out these (link) videos.

• What supplies other than Novoform™ do you provide?
o Schauenburg Flexadux offers Novoform™ as a complete footer package. We design what you will need, fabricate the panels, ship to site, create easy-to-follow instructions and offer continuous support. While we do not supply rebar, we do offer rebar chairs and spacers that are used to properly hold your reinforcement inside the footer.

• Who do I contact to purchase Novoform™?
o For more information or if you have a foundation plan you’d like to try with Novoform™, please email us at:

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