Inflatable Stopping

Each stopping / barricade can be folded, stored on a warehouse shelf and transported to the work location as a compact package. Simply at-tach to corner eyebolts or fold out in the drift, connect valve up to air bottle or compressed air via a reducer valve and inflate. Once fully erected, secure the barricade to the back and walls by the quick snap on buckles. In the picture there is a double door to allow personnel to enter or exit the blocked-off area. The door is held closed by Velcro strips on the sides and the bottom and provides blast damage relief in areas close to main excavations.

  • Fast, temporary air stopping.
  • Double layer of 24 oz per sq yd / 800 gram per sq meter.
  • All material MSHA approved for fire resistance.
  • Continuous air supply of less than 1 cfm to stopping is required to keep stopping inflated.
  • Pressure rating 2 PSI is dependent upon strength of attachment to roof, walls and floor.
  • Outer ring pressurized to 1 PSI (7 KPA) for tight seal.
  • Optional access panel available.
  • Pressure regulator included.

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