Novoform™ System

Novoform™ is a light, easy to handle and durable encapsulated wire permanent formwork system, which provides a professional and cost effective, replacement to traditional timber in-ground frameworks.

Formwork Applications

Novoform™ can be supplied cut to length and size and is suitable for a multitude of residential and commercial construction applications including trench footings, ground beams, pile caps of all shapes, wind turbine groundwork and crane foundations.

Novoform™ reduces your on-site labor cost, as fitting requires no skilled labor. Being a permanent solution there is no formwork removal costs after the concrete is poured. Plus, unlike traditional formwork there are no additional expensive cleaning and storage costs.

Novoform™ is quick and accurate, delivered pre-cut, pre-formed and clearly identified to your sizes and shapes. All packaging allows for effective and safe mechanical offloading by crane or telehandler.

Novoform™ is made from a fully welded, mild steel, construction mesh, which is encapsulated to ensure a strong (UV stable) polyethylene membrane, which is perforated to allow water to escape during concrete curing.

Each bar is spaced 3″ vertically and 6″ horizontally to create a rectangular mesh compatible with standard spacers. This provides quick and easy fixing points for rapid section joining.

On site heath and safety is paramount, Novoform™ has a bold orange membrane that is easily visible to busy onsite operatives and its modular prefabricated construction means there are no long overhanging wires as a result of cutting.

Novoform™ is an easy to install solution, backed by an experienced and professional off and on-site support team, who can provide advice on installation if required.

Schauenburg has a large Novoform™ stock holding available in a wide range of sizes to best optimize your requirements and to ensure short lead-times for time critical build projects.

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