Johnny Light G3 Turbo (Radio Cap Lamp)

The radio cap lamp for today’s modern mines.

The Johnny Light G3 Turbo, digital radio cap lamp brings together the best of Johnny Light with digital technology and user-friendly physical characteristics to provide the best possible personal lighting and communications experience. Streamlined contours, lighter weight, analog and digital capability and a range of attractive features will make this radio cap lamp the choice of today’s modern mines.

  • Analog and digital capability: send and receive data, organize files, site-to-site communication
  • Half the size and one-third the weight of the previous generation of Johnny Light
  • New lithium polymer battery technology offers up to 18-20 hours of life
  • Collision avoidance capability
  • Multiple tagging capabilities
  • Features the mine proven Motorola radio
  • Modular design makes it easily serviceable
  • Water and chemical resistant
  • LED focusable headlamp
  • Sleek and stylish new design
  • Voice-enabled prompts and information system (future upgrade)

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