The Future of Foundation Formwork

The professional welded-mesh formwork system

Novoform™ is a light, easy to handle and durable encapsulated wire permanent formwork system, which provides a professional and cost effective, replacement to traditional timber in-ground frameworks.

Formwork Applications

Novoform™ can be supplied cut to length and size and is suitable for a multitude of residential and commercial construction applications including trench footings, ground beams, pile caps of all shapes, wind turbine groundwork and crane foundations.

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How Novoform™ Is Changing The Industry

The Novoform™ system is bringing foundation formwork into the modern age. Novoform™ reduces your on-site labor cost because installation requires no skilled labor. As a permanent system, there are no formwork removal costs after the concrete is poured. Furthermore, unlike traditional formwork there are no additional expensive cleaning and storage costs. Schauenburg Flexadux is streamlining your forming process. See below what makes Novoform™ special.

Compare To Traditional Wood Forming

Our Certifications and Qualifications

An Accurate, Powerful Design Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

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