ORFI is an RF to an Optical interface that can be easily integrated to any existing Leaky Feeder system and is typically used to redistribute larger systems fed from 1 main source thus reducing single point of failure and simplifying fault location. The system also lends itself to extend RF coverage to remote areas where leaky feeder surface coverage is limited or does not currently exist. ORFI is not limited to standard leaky feeder installations as it can also be interfaced to existing RF systems in order to extend coverage into building or tunnels.

Use Case #1 ORFI – Underground Application

In this instance, the client was looking to segregate a large leaky feeder system into smaller, more manageable sections. Since the majority of production mining occurs below the shaft bottom, the client wanted to minimize chances that faults in other areas affect communications to the primary working area. In addition, providing further granularity will ease in future troubleshooting or system maintenance.

  • System Benefits
  • Reduction of single point failure
  • Expansion to remote surface location
  • Easier maintenance and manageability
  • Increase in system reliability
  • Reduced system noise floor

Use Case #2 ORFI – Surface Application

In this instance, our client was having difficulty with communications in between their process plant and another surface building. Due to the metal-clad construction of the ‘Process Building’, radio waves from the main ‘Surface Plant’ repeater were unable to penetrate and provide necessary RF coverage. By leveraging ORFI, Jannatec was able to extend the signal from the repeater directly into the ‘Process Building’ and propagate a signal using radiating cable that was installed at strategic areas of the building. As a result, our client now has clear and reliable communications in the desired areas.

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