Standard Duty Duct with Double Seal


Heavy Duty Duct – Added Latteral Strips for Reinforced Strength


Light Duty Duct – Up to 15% Lighter than our Standard Duct

Flexible Suction Spiral Duct

Designed for both high negative and positive pressure.

Lay Flat Systems

Seams and grommets are welded to be airtight for low resistance.


CDEM-1000 Coal Dust Explosibility Meter

Measures percent of rock dust in coal mine dust samples

J.A.W.S. Collision Avoidance

Hazard Warning Device

GD10 IR Gas Detector

The Ultimate in machine mounded methane gas detection

Johnny Light G3 Turbo

The radio cap lamp for today’s modern mines.


Optical interface that can be easily integrated to any existing Leaky Feeder system


Utilizes our JAWS collision avoidance system enabling your business to enhance your existing safety procedures


An affordable cordless cap lamp alternative

Custom Fabrication

Inflatable Stopping

  • Fast, temporary air stopping.
  • Double layer of 24 oz per sq yd / 800 gram per sq meter.
  • All material MSHA approved for fire resistance.
  • Continuous air supply of less than 1 cfm to stopping is required to keep stopping inflated.
  • Pressure rating 9-5″ WG (1.25 KPA) is dependent upon strength of attachment to roof, alls and floor.
  • Outer ring pressurized to 1 PSI (7 KPA) for tight seal.
  • Optional access panel available.
  • Pressure regulator included.


Novoform® System

Novoform® is a light, easy to handle and durable encapsulated wire permanent formwork system, which provides a professional and cost effective, replacement to traditional timber in-ground frameworks.


Novoform® reduces your on-site labor cost, as fitting requires no skilled labor. Being a permanent solution there is no formwork removal costs after the concrete is poured. Plus, unlike traditional formwork there are no additional expensive cleaning and storage costs.


Novoform is an easy to install solution, backed by an experienced and professional off and on-site support team, who can provide advice on installation if required.

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